Microstepping on Eleksmana board

  • Hello, I'd like to use an Eleksmana board to "enlarge" and build a bigger version of my Eleksmill :-)
    How can I set microstepping on the board and what is the default value (1/8, 1/16)? And moreover what is the the red switch, sitting under the Arduino nano, used for?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hami The default microstep setting is 1/16th, the Eleks board does not have switches to change this so you will need to remove pins on the A4988 or cut traces. MS1, 2 and 3 will all be HIGH for default setting so it's easy to change, if you want 1/8th microsteps just remove pin MS3 and ground it on the driver.

    Do not change the dip switch under the Nano, it changes from internal power (5VDC from USB) to external power supply but since you are using 12VDC that will not end well :( for the Nano.

  • Thank you Zax, that means to remove and ground pin:

    MS3 = 1/8
    MS1+MS3 = 1/4
    MS2+MS 3 = 1/2

    And what will be the best compromise between smothness and torque?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @hami Correct. 1/16th microstepping is going to be smoothest but also the lowest torque. Full mode would have maximum torque but is very rough stepping. Resolution and feed rates are also considerations but this also varies depending on the drive mechanism (e.g. ballscrews improve performance but cost more and may need higher torque).

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