Elaksdraw & t2Laser ?

  • the problem is that when you click on laser on draf get up and stays there .. but it doesn't go down .. manually doesn't work and automatically nothing .. so I don't know how to operate elaksdraw with t2laser

    ![alt text](0_1586522310321_unknown.png image url)

    what about eleksmana? the firmware of EleksMaker? should I change the firmware again? But maybe working with T2laser is the solution? so that draw works

    1_1586522440835_unknown.png 0_1586522440835_1unknown.png

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sk2 It appears from your picture that you do not have an EleksDraw, it looks like an EleksLaser with the draw module?

    If so, you should use EleksMana firmware and select EleksLaser (E1) from the configuration but then click the Servo Mode (A1) option. Set laser max to 50 and test the laser on and off.

    I always recommend having machine power off when uploading firmware or changing parameters, this will prevent damage to the servo that can happen if you have it connected when in laser mode (different PWM signal that will overtravel the servo).

  • 2_1586609644022_DSC00853.JPG 1_1586609644022_DSC00852.JPG 0_1586609644020_DSC00851.JPG

    that's my quality .. can you tell me what the best setting is and which pens do not drip and are good for drawing on glass or plastic

    here's a movie for you ^^

    Youtube Video

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    @sk2 I have used many different pens, some are better than others. I like the fine point Sharpie brand permanent markers, they work on many different materials but they dry out quickly.

  • ok i will test your stiffte .. i use pens with balls .. this is great in itself and with ElaksCAM i have nice results .. but here the stiff should start up faster so that it does not leave any dots .. can you set that?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sk2 The dots are from your pen bleeding, ball pens use ink so it will soak in very quickly. It is difficult to improve as these machines use the older Grbl 0.9 firmware, perhaps increasing the acceleration parameter would help (I think this is possible with the older firmware).

    You can do this using debug mode. Type these commands in the box and press enter.


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