Engraving fades or misses sections

  • My project will start off great, however, about halfway through it will start fading or will just completely not burn in spots. I'm using a 3000mw Blue CNC. I'm using a piece of plywood, I finished a project yesterday on the same material, and I didn't have this problem. It's now done it twice since then.
    I'd like to attach a photo for reference, however, when I select the photo option it won't let me attach one.

    Please tell me what I'm doing wrong!!!

  • After reading some other posts, I see having air circulation and particles could be my problem. Should I circulate my ceiling fan and/or put a small desk fan blowing away from project to help? Will that mess up my burn?

    Also, what should I clean my lense with?

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    @MAD-Moose-Daisy It could be smoke interrupting the laser beam, a small desk fan would help. It is also possible the plywood has varied wood species and reflectivity so some areas burn while others do not.

  • @Zax Thank you. I've cleaned the lens, added a fan, and I'm going to do a better sand job to see if that works. I appreciate it!

    Do you have a suggestion on the best types of wood to use for burning signs?

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    @MAD-Moose-Daisy I mainly use Birch and Alder, my local store has "laser ply" which uses water based adhesive and better grade wood so it engraves and cuts more evenly. The cost is higher but I waste less time and material so although it's probalby no better overall I prefer to use it.

  • @Zax awesome, thanks!

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