cut and engrave ? 5000mW

  • HI
    Open up a new topic here .. because it doesn't quite work

    try to engrave a photo picture .. this is not possible .. everything always looks the same .. black surface.. in this tutorial he loads an image and turns it into a G code .. so the g code always looks for a blue area ..
    Youtube Video


    and I actually want to do something like that! how does it work with T2laser?!

    and cutting .. of 3mm wood .. I also did some tests but don't figure out how to do it.

    LaserPower set to 255 .. should I adjust more `? how much ? and with a speed of 200 and 5 passes I didn't cut the wood any further .. .. how can you adjust it best?


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sk2 Are you saying that any image is showing solid blue in the simulation "view"?

    I would suggest clicking Restore Defaults in the Help menu as you may have changed a parameters.

    Are you using my Grbl 1.1e DEFAULT firmware or something else?

    To increase cutting depth you may need air assist although 3mm with 5.5W should work without but it depends on the wood, also ensure you are focusing correctly - just below the surface.

  • @Zax how many passed do i need to.cut 3mm plywood and at what speed

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @alkassab Every machine and material is different, as a reference with a 2.5W I can cut 2mm birch laser ply at 200 feed rate in 4 passes using air assist. A 5.5W should be able to do 3mm birch laser ply in 3 or 4 passes with air assist.

  • HI ..
    I wanted to make an engraving from this picture.. that should be 90 * 30mm .. can show me how to do it: D


    I probably have to revise that with the laser focus because my holder for the laser itself is made and not perfectly plan .. so that the focus point is more a stick than a point .. I'll do that again

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sk2 If using T2Laser default settings and Grbl 1.1e DEFAULT firmware, all you need to do is load the image. Set the output size and generate the G-code. Then you can adjust the feed rate and/or power using the real time overrides to get it correct (unless you already know the correct values for the material and laser).

  • yes i have Grbl 1.1e DEFAULT firmware...

    "Then you can adjust the feed rate and/or power using the real time overrides to get it correct" ???

    So I still have to practice engraving -.- because everything is black and burned .. how do I calculate the laser and speed again f

    0_1587486402433_mann test.PNG

    I tried the cutting with four materials .. two wood 3mm one time plastic 3mm and thick cardboard .. only with the plastic I got through after 12x .. but it melted badly .. speed 200

    but first saw me how high should the laser be from the workpiece?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sk2 You image engraving is using 0.1 resolution, that should be set to the laser spot size which is usually 0.16 to 0.24 depending on the focus and laser module. The T2Laser default is 0.2 which is usually close, also your engraving feed rate is set to 1000, change that to 2000.

    Do you have the laser spot focused?

    Are you sure that's a 5W optical output laser, some of the cheap modules say "5W" but that's the electrical input power which equates to less than 1W optical power output. Your result does not look anything like a true 5W. Check that your Grbl parameters have not been changed from my defaults, what are $30 and $32 values?

  • I chewed this laser ... and yes I focus on the noise and have now spent hours doing a test .. it burns 1mm and then it does nothing ... after 25 passes I cut 3mm wood .. but looked then it looks like this

    LA03-5500 5500mW 445nm Blue Laser Module w/ Heat Sink for EleksMaker DIY Engraver Machine
    Order No: 82209449

    So I can not set a focus because it looks more like a line no point .. that's a 2mm line *0,2.. but I can not make a point .. it is always so blurry

    how can I test whether the laser has 5w and how can you focus on henau? is there any instruction? or what can be broken on the laser?


    thanks for info..

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sk2 As you know it is not an EleksMaker product and as we know there is nothing wrong with the software or firmware, the problem must be the laser module or power supply. If you are not able to focus to a small dot then it is not generating enough power density (it is spread over the 2mm area).

  • i measure the current input of 12v here but how do i measure the output that really arrives at the laser? is there a way to do that .. or is it already too difficult

    i made a 3 minute video maybe you see what i'm doing wrong or what i should do differently
    Youtube Video

    Laserpower 255 is correct`?

    and a short video why I can not engrave
    Youtube Video

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @sk2 Diodes are current (not voltage) driven devices so measurement would require serial connection of the meter, it will not really help as you do not know what current would provide 5W optical output.

    Did you click Restore Defaults in T2Laser Help menu to make sure you have not changed a setting?

    If so, and it still shows solid then I would suggest to remove and reinstall T2Laser (email me if you need help with this).

  • Try go closer to laser 40-50mm. you show 3mm plywood ? what kind of plywood ? soft wood ? poplar? birch?

  • oh friends I'm probably too stupid ;) I set it to 9cm height because the design of the laser didn't allow it otherwise and I didn't know that you had to have it on the workpiece - now I can only start to work .. after 3x passes is 3mm wood cut at speed200 .. really cost a lot of nerves but it is great .. still engraving then I have everything :) really thank you for having the nerve and time! great product and does what it should ..


  • I using 45mm, focused spot is better.
    You set focus in middle of wood ? I mean If you want cut 3mm plywood for focus use 1,5mm wood.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    I measured ~45mm as well, and agree it's always better to focus below surface for optimium cutting.

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