Pen won't lift

  • I'm controlling my eleksdraw by sending it gcode via minicom. It's using grbl 0.9, installed via eleksrom. I can control X and Y positions, but I cannot get the pen to lift. The inkscape plugin uses the command M05 to lift the pen, but sending this code does nothing. If I try to send a command like Z1 to lift the pen via Z position, the servo makes a sound but does not move.

    What gcode commands are needed to lift the pen? And do I need to be using a newer version of grbl?

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    @josephjnk As the axis are working you must be using the Eleks Mana 0.9 firmware, have you configured it for the EleksDraw (which required CoreXY and Servo Mode to be enabled)?

    Here are the commands, taken from T2Laser Configure EleksMana screen:


    So you want to send E2 or if the axis are already correct you can send A1, then you set the servo position using the S (spindle) value but don't exceed around 60 or you'll cause it to over-travel and be damaged. If you've been using it in laser mode it's probably too late already and it may have stripped the internal plastic gears :( .

    T2Laser sets this max automatically for any users wondering about that.

  • I've figured it out, it looks like "M03" sets the mode such that "S" controls the spindle. "A1" doesn't seem to do anything for me.

    Out of curiosity, do you know of any documentation for the entirety of the G codes?

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    @josephjnk Yes, that's exactly what I said. The supported G-codes are listed in the Grbl github documentation, it uses a subset of the NIST G-code commands..

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