Small switch under the Nano?

  • On my EleksMaker Mana SE board (v3.2), there's a small switch underneath the nano, but it's not marked other than to have an "ON" position, and I can't find info anywhere. Looking at the traces it looks like it's related to power, but I can't tell what.

    Related question: is it possible to use this without the USB at all, and power it (and serial communicate with it) via the 14-pin header to the right of the board? I want to talk to it from a small controller, not a PC.

  • Aha, answered my own question. That switch, when ON, provides 5v to the Nano from the Mana's onboard regulator, but it's normally off to allow power from the USB. So yes, you can power everything with the 12v power input.

    Still looking into the serial stuff.

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