X Axis going in reverse Direction

  • X axis moves in opposite direction
    Hi My X-axis suddenly has started moving in the opposite direction.

    The board is an Ekesmana 5.2 3 axis board. The Machine is an Eleksmaker Mega.

    I have not used for a couple of weeks while waiting for a spare part.

    When I connected everything back up today all appears to be working well except the X axis direction. I have double checked no stepper wires are reversed. The setting under T2Laser have 'Reverse X Axis' set to off (no tick).
    This happens both with 1.1e Default firmware and 1.1f CNC Z-XY.

    I have tried Clear GRBL Parameters, Send Default Parameters and Clear GRBL Parameters

    If I use the on screen buttons under T2Laser controller the X axis moves opposite to what I press. I I am sure this was all working correctly a couple of weeks ago without needing to set the Reverse X axis setting.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @chazza Check the Reverse X-axis option and it will be correct, although I have no idea why it would change.

  • Hi Zak
    I checked that and have had to set to enable Reverse X Axis. I am sure I did not have to set that previously and this what confused me.
    Thank you again for your help
    All the best

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