T2Laser with 2 different laser (tools)

  • Hi,

    i modified my engraver. I use two different laser 5W and 1W. These two laser are mounted side by side. Is it possible to use both laser?
    First for cutting and second for engraving? With different zero position?


  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Schorschi If you have a way to switch the power and/or control signal such as a SPDT switch then yes, you would need to determine the offset and create custom buttons to change between the lasers.

  • Hi,

    currently, i use a manual switch to choose between the laser1 and laser2.
    For me it is possible to redesign my hardware. I think there are 2 ways:

    Manual: I switch to the Laser1. T2Laser stop after engraving and wait for manual resume. I change to Laser2 and resume the process.

    Automatically: The T2Laser manage the switching between the laser automatically. I just need to know which output of the µC is used for.

    How to manage the offset and the two laser switching in the T2Laser software?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Schorschi Automatic is not possible as your machine (firmware) does not support it. There is only one PWM output available on the Nano / Grbl for the spindle and although T2Laser supports tool change it will still use the same spindle.

  • Is there any documentation how to configure tool change?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Schorschi It is used with DXF colors, enable Sequential output and it will process each separately and wait for the tool change before you continue. It is for CNC mode although you can enable laser operation also. As I said, it doesn't solve the problem you asked about as it's for a different purpose. Using custom buttons would allow a shift in 0,0 to offset from laser #1 to laser #2 automatically.


  • Okay i understand. Thank you.

    Custom Buttons? Did you talk about SW or HW buttons?
    I need a way to manage the offset.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Schorschi You can program the custom buttons to change the offset.


  • Hi,

    ahhh. Now i understand. Thank you.
    I will try.

  • Hi

    maybe someone can help me.
    I tried to configure one of the Buttons with g-code:

    Send Custom 3 [Offset_1W=>5W]
    M206 X10 Y0 Z0

    I get an error 20. Invalid code.

    I tested also : View the current offsets with M503.

    Get errorcode 23.

    Maybe i need to enable "NO_WORKSPACE_OFFSETS" but how?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Schorschi Those are not valid G-code commands, at least not standard MIT/NIST codes that Grbl uses.

    Use G92 to set an offset.

  • Hi,

    user buttons are working for me.
    But i cant import DXF file which are generated with Adobe Illustrator.
    Preview is not working but it looks like g-code is generating ok. Just text is not generating.

    I tested some different settings but without success.

    Some ideas?

    How to attach pictures and files here?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Schorschi It is better to email me for T2Laser support as I don't always check this forum. See my website for the contact infomation or reply to your license key email. Send me the DXF file and I will take a look, I know the files from Illustrator are poor but I have a workaround that should fix it.

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