T2 Laser Outline then Fill Problem

  • Hello and first of all thank you so much for T2 Laser it is a great program!

    I have ran into an issue that I cannot figure out for the life of me.

    Simply put: I am trying to outline Text (numbers) then fill them in. I generate the Gcode for the outline, then use Sketch Filled command to generate Gcode for the fill. I then merge the two codes together.

    After hours of being confused and testing I figured out the problem. What was always happening is the laser does a perfect outline and then fills outside of the line it just outlined.

    What I tested, DXF created from INKscape, Sketch created in T2Laser, running files with relocate origin, running files seperately and not merged, running files with different resolution and feed rates.

    Finally, I decide to have a look at the GCode and noticed the coordinates for the fill GCode are outside of the coordinates for the outline.

    Is there any way to fix this and get a Fill that is inside of the DXF or sketch outline?

    Thank you so much.
    Is there any way to fix ?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @bhayter I'm not sure I follow your process here, but if you have Sketch you could use Sketch (Hatch) to do the fill and then the single job has an outline and fill. You could also do an image and use Sketch Plus (Overlay) with auto-trace and it would do the outlines and fill. Of course if you are creating the DXF in Inkscape you can add the hatch fill there with greater control and just import a single job. All of these options are easier as you don't have 2 G-code jobs to merge and potential for an offset in origin (0,0).

    When you use relocate origin (which is a band-aid for a poor design) there is a risk of misalignment, but I am not clear if that's what you are seeing or something else due to the work flow you are using.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    The issue is that when T2 Laser generates GCode for a fill from a DXF (or Sketch) the outer bounds of the path that the the laser will take is outside of the path generated from the DXF (or the sketch).

    Here is a simple example that you can try:
    You start a sketch in T2 and make a square
    Start Position:
    X10 Y10
    END Position:
    X100 Y100

    Exit sketch -> Sketch Fill -> Generate GCode

    Line in GCode
    X99.8 Y100.6 M03 S225

    This means the code is firing the laser outside of the boundary of the box.

    And i just do not understand how to get it so it stays within the box. For my example I was seeing this with font and not a box but the concept is the same.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @bhayter I did what you said, but get: G01 X99.8 Y100 M03 S0, however that isn't really important as the method is what needs to be changed not the G-code generation for a raster scan.

    If you set the hatch spacing to 0.2 and use a vector solution it will be faster and more accurate than converting it to a raster image. You also won't have to combine jobs or worry about alignment.

    The same is true with the other methods I explained.

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