Wiring problem - lead doesn't fit

  • Hello, I recently received an Eleksmaker elekstube kit. I'm having problems with the long wire(s) provided as the leads have different sizes. The bigger size is too big to fit and make a connection, so I can't seem to complete the wiring. Any suggestions would helpful, thanks!![alt text](0_1591542419272_IMG_20200607_154320.jpg image url)

  • Update: Looking into this further, the connector shown on the left has a pitch (spacing between the four wires) of 1.25 mm however the printed circuit board requires a pitch of 1.0 mm. So it's impossible to connect the wire to the board using the parts as given.

    It's strange wiring that doesn't fit would come with the kit!

    Please help! I'm ok to buy a wire one the open market but I'm having some difficulties finding one that would fit propely.

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