Les board mising led

  • Hello I need help I buy you clock and assemble I saw one led missing Frome a board I srch for it in side the box and bags is not so I can solder it but it came whiteout it I need urgent help becose I wait 3 months for the clock to arrive and it wass nice assemble until I rwlice the full unit don't work becose that led board mising one led I buy it in bangood page where I can get a new board and fast


  • I move the PCB whit the mising led to the last number and it work even the number 9 but whit one led ofcurse I'm happy but if you can tell me where orther one PCB whit LEDs to replace and have my number 9 full power.

    Thanks super cloke I love it 0_1592582985260_20200619_110632.jpg

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