Bedroom door signs

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    Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephew. Door signs. The mincraft one was hand painted. The rest was just spray paint.
    Made on a 2500mw machine with L7 board. I believe my settings were 750 mm/min full power. Software was t2. For this prject I used air assist and masking tape to prevent smoke burn. The stuff around the R in Rylee is tape adhesive that I hadnt fully removed yet.

    0_1488145923980_door sign.jpg

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    wow , i like the MC one best~

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    Did you spray paint the boards before engraving them? I suppose you did otherwise you'd have a difficult time getting everything looking correct.

    Also, you used masking tape to limit the smoke burn. What kind of masking tape? I've tried a couple of different kinds but haven't had much success.

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    yup painted first. just regular painters tape. I think I used the brown rather than the blue though.

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