Matlab or Arduino

  • Hello, Can I use Matlab or Arduino to control an eleksdraw?
    or only can use Gcode in CAM?

    Thank you

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @박성민 You can use Arduino and probably Matlab also, the Nano clone is a standard device. The normal method is to run Grbl firmware and send G-code commands but you do not need to use it like this if you have a special project, just control the outputs as with any Arduino code.

  • get going, I'll let you realize that I have amazingly negligible involvement in both Matlab and Arduino. This is the principal project I've utilized either, am as yet attempting to get a handle on a fundamental comprehension of how the information would be caught and communicated by Matlab.

    I'm utilizing a webcam to break down the situation of an article, and in light of the information from Matlab, I need Arduino to control an engine's speed and heading. I tracked down an incredible instructional exercise for the kind of engine I'm utilizing (a stepper bipolar engine) so all I should be passed from Matlab to Arduino is one number.

    Is this going to be simple? A point toward an instructional exercise regarding this matter would be an incredible beginning stage for me.

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