Eleksdraw 2019 "Unhandled Exception"

  • Hello there, we just assembled a couple of Eleksdraws and we've been having the following issue

    alt text

    The machines work fine when manually moving each axis and manually retracting the pen holder, but as soon as we try to load a file it just moves the servo and the x and y axis don't move at all.
    It should be a runtime issues but I've reinstalled each C++ runtime possible. I'm on Windows 10 64bit (which should be the problem).

    Do you guys have a solution for this? thanks

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @xanthicism The Elekcam software has many issues and has not been supported for years which is why it's not compatible with the latest Grbl firmware. I wrote T2Laser as a replacement, it has many more features, is much more powerful and supports Grbl 1.1 for better motion and laser control.

  • Ho lo stesso identico problema.
    Usando T2Laser funziona perfettamente.
    Con EleksMaker CAM 3.1 non funziona niente.

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