How to accurately calibrate your stepper motor travel distance!!

  • Just came across this great video, that comes with an XLS spreadsheet, that makes it SUPER easy to calculate your distance traveled.

    Youtube Video

    I used a digital slide caliper, expanded the jaws until the device measured 100mm exactly, rested the calipers on the mill, x axis side, then jogged over 100mm's. That gave me a reading of .38, meaning that I had actually traveled 99.62 mm's. When that information is entered into the speadsheet, it gave me a reading of 401.526. When entered into the command line, using $100=401.526, then retesting the jogging, the slide calipers came to a complete close, reading 0.0. I had my hand on it, so I could tell if it moved, which it did not.

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    wow , that is helpful , thx!

  • Not a problem, glad to help! I'm learning more as I go along.

  • Hmm... Further testing has resulted in an inconsistent measurement... When using the jog command, I get the result as reported above... But when I enter a command into the command line, say, for example, Z22, instead of the expected 22mm, I get double the result, in this case 44mm... Further investigation to come... Still, I believe this process can be accurate, learning as I go...

  • Great video!

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