T2 Laser possible for CNC with Z Axis

  • Hi,
    I use T2Laser with my Eleksmaker A3 and its Perfect.
    Now Ive buyed an small CNC Mill Machine and want use T2Laser.
    Is it possible to use it?
    I found no button for the Z Axis (up/down).
    When i turned Laser on the mill machine start and with 1000 it has full power.

    How is it possible to use 3d Graphics in T2 Laser.

    THX a Lot
    Greeting Martin

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Martin.Abrahams Yes, T2Laser supports Z-axis. You probably haven't enabled CNC Mode which will ask for the max depth (this is a safety precaution so you always have to enter the max cutting depth). Just click where it says CNC Mode (Z-Axis) under the Settings menu.

    The standard mode is 3D engraving for images, you can convert any image but the best results are with relief images. You can also do 2.5D from vector files, the DXF colors are converted to depth. There's a quick guide on my website.

  • Thank for the Help i found it.
    Now i have the Problem when i load a normal jpg and set the Z Axis to 0 (over the Material)
    and klick on Send the Z Axis goes down and get to the first point into the material but the Mill Machin doesnt startup it only scratch to the first point an then it starts first.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Martin.Abrahams I am confused, if you set the max Z-depth to 0 and you have set Z0 to top of material then it is doing what you ask. You need to enter a depth so it can cut. You can set a Z-safe height of 5 so it will travel above the surface.

  • @Zax Ok its my fault had to Reverse the Z Axis.
    Where i can enter the Depth?
    In my Understanding is z-safe how much it goes over the Material or not?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Martin.Abrahams Did you check out the quick guide I linked in the first post?

    It explains it with pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/s/awt7ru3vsz8btpm/T2Laser_CNC2.pdf?dl=0

    You can use Z+ down or Z- down, just enter the correct value for the depth.

    Let me give you examples;
    If you want to cut 2mm into a 5mm piece of wood, set Z0 to the top of the material and then enter -2 or 2 depending on the direction of your Z-axis. You would also set a Z-safe to ensure the bit is above the surface.

    If you want to cut 5mm wood all the way to your wasteboard. You would touchdown on the wasteboard, raise 6mm and set Z0 and then enter a max cut depth of -6 or 6. No Z-safe is needed as you set 0 above the surface.

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