New Board Goes to Weird "Home"

  • I just replaced my board with a Mana SE 3.2. First off, I love the fact that the laser doesn't come on now for a second when I go to Control Laser.

    One thing I can't figure out is that with my old board as soon as I went to Control Laser, my x, y, and z would all be zero'd which I like.

    With the new board, when I go to Control Laser, it has a weird -156.3, 34, 0 for where it thinks it is. What setting makes it so it's always zero'd when I go to control laser?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @Mark-Christensen You have stored offsets in the Nano, in the Machine menu click Clear Grbl Positions. These offsets usually get stored if you activate machine homing without home switches.

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