Elekscam A3 2500 firmware/power issues

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  • I am at my wits end. spent a week trying to get this laser working consistently. operating windows 7 64. Software that came with it never would recognize the com port-kept getting exception error. could continue through after selecting my port, w/o refreshing, but laser would move to starting point and stop. I got T2 laser and it worked as expected until I updated the default firmware. now it randomly works/don't work/laser stays on/no moving of axis, and so on....I am a woodworker just trying to do some small engravings. Not a very computer savvy guy. I have been all over the forum/s. watched 500 Youtube videos/etc...Please somebody help me! This is the main error where i try to add my com port and refresh!0_1603314888457_com port error.JPG

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    @cgibson What firmware did you install? If using T2Laser don't run EleskCAM as it will cause interference on the COM port, in fact you should reboot after using other software as they block the port.

  • should I completely uninstall all of Elekscam compoments? right now the laser is frozen on and usb port constantly green like it is loading and tracks are locked in position. sorry, not a tek guy

  • @Zax and i uploaded the firmware 1.1e default on the machine tab in T2. I have been got consistent errors when I used Eleekscam that it is busy working in the background in addition to the not being able to refresh and recognize the port. T2 done great until i uploaded the firmware. maybe i killed it!

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    @cgibson If you use T2Laser I can help you get it working, but as I said you need to do a clean reboot of the computer as the bad Eleks software locks the port and prevents other software from connecting.

  • @Zax I will uninstall Elekscam now. Should the laser be disconnected from laptop when I do this?

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    @cgibson It should not matter, the device driver won't be uninstalled.

  • @Zax
    Connected COM17 115200
    Grbl 1.1e ['$' for help]

    Getting this message. I can control the movement now but not the
    laser to print. any help is appreciated

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @cgibson It appears to be a problem with the laser module.

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