12v or 24?

  • The motor supplied with this kit is a 555 motor, which the specs say that it can handle up to 36v. Based on the other board designs, looks like these boards can handle at most 12v. Thought I'd check to confirm that. I do plan on using 24v with the motor, but it would be nice to hook directly to the board, if it will handle it, otherwise, I'll have to come up with a different method to get pwm out of the motor. Should be able to squeeze out 10,000 rpms and get a bit more torque.

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  • @cesnyderces the board won't take much more than 12V. It would just take a mosfet connected to the spindle pin to give you 24v pwm, put a resistor between the spindle pin and mosfet to limit current draw on the arduino and you should be good to go.

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    our motor can support 24V but mana se cant supply more than 12V , so if you use our board , you need make it under 12V~

  • Thanks guys, I come up with something and post it soon. Mosfets sound like a good idea.

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