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  • Hi! I've been trying to export G code from Autodesk Fusion 360 with some success, but have had one issue that is a deal breaker. The laser head will not turn on/off traveling between the paths. I've tried different post processors including GRBL, GRBL - LASER, a modified GRBL -LASER that uses M3/M5 for on/off, Generic Bangood A3 Laser. Some of them leave the laser on during lead in/out travel bwetween the tool paths. And some of them don't turn the laser on at all, it runs the tool path without cutting anything.

    So my question is, using the mana S.E 3.2 controller for the A3 laser, which value turns the beam on and off.?

    And 2nd, is there a post processer that already exports the code correctly for use with this machine?

    I'd like to use fusion because it makes a better quality tool path than the Elekscam software. I want to raster/etch the material using a contoured path instead of line by line. This will make a much higher quality pocket for doing inlays. It also removes the scaling issue with Elekscam that is difficult to work with. Please help!

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @tonedevil It uses the standard M3 (On) and M5 (Off) as all G-code. If you can export DXF from Fusion360 you can load and generate the G-code with T2Laser. This also allows you to do images with true gray scale and can optimize the paths for the laser.

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