How to connect laser module

  • Hi I received my Eleksdraw with laser module a couple of days ago. I have assembled it fine with the pen module, but I cannot work out how or where I am supposed to attach the laser.

    I have one spare piece of plastic which I assume is part of the laser assembly, and I have a metal blue piece the slides over the laser. There is no obvious way of combining these to mount it anywhere though. Can anyone help?

    1_1607719499973_IMG_3466.JPG 0_1607719499967_IMG_3465.JPG

  • I have seen in some pictures that the laser is attached to the opposite side of the pen. This doesn't seem possible for me because there are no additional attachment points above the belt fastener.


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    @zefman It looks like you have it assembled correctly, you just swap the pen servo module with the laser module. It is important to change firmware and laser max to prevent damage to the servo.

  • has anyone attached both at the same time? and what do you mean by changing firmware and laser max? I recently got T2 registered and I'm using the eleks program for drawin and T2 for engraving. Thanks

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    @ryan7373 T2Laser does both, drawing would be vector and engraving is raster or vector.

    If you are switching between laser and servo (pen) you need to change the firmware parameters as the same output is used for both but the type of PWM signal is different. If you connect the servo while in laser mode it will over travel and can strip the gears (unless you replace the cheap servo with a metal gear version). Changing the firmware is accomplished in the Configure EleksMana menu, and setting the laser max to 55 will ensure if doesn't over travel.

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