Recovering from freeze

  • Hello again...another issue. When I was burning that Betty Boop image from my previous post, it took about 2hrs to complete, the process got about 45mins in then just froze. No laser, could not get the software to respond. 1) What causes that and 2) Is there a way to recover from that without having to power down/kill the program? Thanks

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    @superbooper It obviously should not freeze, are you sure it wasn't still attempting to send G-code but the machine disconnected due to PC or USB power savings? If you right click the big red button that will force it to disconnect the laser, if that doesn't respond then yes it would indicate a freeze but I have never experienced that.

    The most common issue is USB hub power savings not being disabled, I think because this Chinese driver is not Windows certified it is not recognized as in use so the driver is disabled for power savings and since the controller is powered by the USB it then locks up. T2Laser still has the driver open and is waiting on the controller to tell it to send more G-code, so there's a loop of nothing happening.

  • Zax...How do I check that the USB power savings is disabled? I looked in the program and didn't see an option for that.
    Some more info, when the freeze occurred, the message in the detail box said that a "pause was sent" that's when everything just stopped.

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    @superbooper These are not T2Laser settings, it is your computer power savings. Check the computer power settings and also the USB hub in device manager.


    Other reasons for this could be a memory fault on the Nano, poor quality USB cable or electrical interference from the motors or power supply.

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