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    Hey all,
    I’m quite new to laser engraving as well as computers. I have been using my 3000mw blue for about two months and I was having an issue of it shutting down midway through a burn. I read online to disable ALL the sleep settings on my computer. After doing so, it work flawlessly for many projects.

    Last week, I went to burn a series of filled letters and it was very pixelated but it burnt the whole thing. I believe it was the first time I’d use that font so I changed the font I’ve had luck with. Went to burn it and it stopped about 30% in. I reset my computer and tried it again and the same thing happened. I then reset my computer once more, checked for updates within T2, and it happened again. This is extremely frustrating for me because like I said previously, I am new to the laser world and computers and I am basically stuck. Any help would be ever helpful. TIA.

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    @sbaja10 Your post mentions sending paused, is that the case or are you actually getting an error from Grbl and it is stopping?

    If it is pausing you could resume but I am not sure why it would pause, perhaps a USB related issue.

    If you are getting an error then it could be electrical noise or a failing Nano.

    Feel free to email me for support as I don't check this forum as often.

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