Converting from 4 wire to 3 wire

  • I just received a 20w (input) NEJE laser module that I ordered a month ago. When I ordered it, I thought I read that it was compatible with the A3 Pro. Now I can't find that anywhere on the ad. My problem is that the Mana SE board I have is a 3 pin, but the NEJE is a 4 pin. Normally, that wouldn't be a problem except the 3 pin plug is nearly as big as the 4 pin and I can't simply swap plugs on the cable. Does anyone have any idea what I should look for when searching for the correct plugs to buy?0_1609820245859_20210104_220320.jpg
    Thanks in advance

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    @Belarch-1 The extra wire on the NEJE is a temperature sense output from the laser module, you don't need it. The connectors are typically JST XH 2.5 mm series, the NEJE looks the same except a 2.0mm version.

  • Thanks Zax

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