probing / autoleveling not working

  • i have connected 2 wires to the probe pins and connected one to the copper board and another to the mill bit. I am using bcnc and when i try to autolevel the head goes down makes contact with the board but it doesn't stop and bcnc software gives me an error "ALARM PROBE FAILED" i disconnected the wires and checked them with my multimeter and yes board and the mills head are connected. i think somehow the microcontroller can't read that probe lines are connected and if not how can i test if the microcontroller sees this.

    What am i doing : around 7:30 of this video

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    @yippiez I don't have an EleksMill (just a generic 3018 mini-mill) but probing works just fine. Touch Probe is connected between A5 and GND.

  • is there anything i am doing wrong then

    1. connect two jumper wire to the pr pins
    2. connect those wires (one to copper board other to mill bit)

    i mean i checked the connectivity with my multimeter so problems not there i can only think of either the firmware on my cnc or the software i am using or maybe i am connecting them wrong. is there any other software to test probing/auto leveling so i can test if the problem is cnc based or not

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    @yippiez It depends if the "pr" pin is wired to A5 which is the default probe input. Of course the Eleks firmware could be setup to use a different pin but that would not be typical.

  • @Zax there is a trace coming out of the A5 pin most likely it is connected to pr pins. so its probably software issue.

    Are any of the settings wrong:
    BAUD RATE: 115200

    how can i do further troubleshooting ?

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    @yippiez It could be the software or firmware, the easiest test is to use a terminal program to connect to the machine and see if it responds correctly to the probe.

    You could use Grbl Controller or better still something like CoolTerm to connect with the machine.

    If you send: G38.2 Z-10 F20

    It will cause the probe to move down 10 mm at 20 mm/min, and when it makes contact you will get a response such as:


    Which means it found the probe at -0.525 mm.

    The software would then set the correct Z value based on the thickness of the probe.

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