Turtle Graphics on EleksDraw

  • Has anyone made a Turtle Graphic module the outputs to EleksDraw instead of the screen?

    I find some programs in Python that drive EleksDraw, but would like to have the ability to draw on EledsDraw with Turtle commands -- especially for drawing some of the fractal curves.

    Would be happy to have it in Python, but any of the major languages....

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @earlfurman T2Laser supports PLT (HPGL) format which is similar. It would not be that difficult to convert Turtle Graphics to G-code but you would still need a "sender" to get the code to the machine correctly. You could use T2Laser or something like GrblController for that but it wouldn't be an integrated solution.

    What is the reason for wanting to use Turtle Graphics rather than draw in Inkscape (which can run python scripts) or a similar program and then export the result as DXF which can already be loaded and sent to the machine with T2Laser or other software?

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