EleksTube IPS additional faces and wifi

  • Hi all, thank you for taking the time to look at my post.

    I am very VERY impressed with the IPS clock. Really love it but would like to enhance it a bit.

    Has anyone managed to find a way to leverage the ESP chip onbard to enable wifi and use NTP for a time source?

    Also has anyone found a new set of faces created by users anywhere.

    I did look through the forum for similar questions but am sorry if this has already been answered in advance.

    I use the ESP8266 and ESP32 TTGO etc a lot for IoT projects, one of the reasons I loved this clock but it seems to be locked down pretty tight firmware wise.

    Happy for any and all input from the members.


  • Hi Chris,
    If you like my custom face I could send it to you by Email.

  • Hi,
    I am VERY interested in EleksTube IPS, and I bought one recently. I want to enable ESP32 's Wi-Fi capabilities to achieve more creative. I would be very grateful if you can provide a copy of the code can be modified.

  • Hi guys,

    if You like Burroughs B-7971 nixie, here You can download my 3 custom attempts (including "Alien" font). It´s not 100% work but created with love.


  • Hi,

    I really like the EleksTube IPS.

    I could be even much better, so much Potential.
    Is there any OpenSource for it available?
    I found nothing.

    I`m even considering reverse engineering it to create my own Software.
    It could be much more than "just" a clock.


  • With some photo processing and some hand painting , I could revive some Panaplex(R) 7-segment gas discharge displays.
    One remark: Although the gamma value of the display is 2.2 or more, the dark grey values seem to be favored. For best results, it seems best to process images with your graphics image processing program with its setting for viewing set to a resulting gamma close to 1.0.

    Kind regards

  • One more face: 7-segment Vacuum Fluorescent Display tubes.

    Kind regards

  • @Carlos_52 said in EleksTube IPS additional faces and wifi:

    Hi Chris,
    If you like my custom face I could send it to you by Email.

    Hi, can you please send me the file with the textures.
    Thank you
    my email: flik67@gmail.com

  • @StefanG Hi Stefan, Would You be so kind and send me both Your custom faces via e-mail (villez@post.cz)? I downloaded bin file from the second, but it´s unable to decompress it.
    Many thanks.


  • @Villez
    Done. Enjoy!

  • Hello,
    A bit weird but very elegant 9-segment VFD tube from a vintage calculator.
    Kind regards,

  • @StefanG

    I really like your custom fonts - well done. Do you have a github link that you are posting your fonts to?


  • @ib134866 ,
    I did not post the bitmaps on GitHub or anywhere else. I can mail them directly to you.

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