EleksTube IPS additional faces and wifi

  • @ib134866 Maybe images uploaded as bmp also works...
    File names perhaps will have to be stripped again to obtain "0.bmp" ... "9.bmp" and "date.bmp", "month.bmp"
    Here are the Panaplex (R) digits:
    10_1619769295832_5.bmp 9_1619769295832_4.bmp 8_1619769295831_3.bmp 7_1619769295830_2.bmp 6_1619769295830_1.bmp 5_1619769295829_0.bmp 4_1619769295828_month.bmp 3_1619769295827_date.bmp 2_1619769295827_9.bmp 1_1619769295826_8.bmp 0_1619769295825_7.bmp 0_1619771049580_6.bmp

  • @ib134866 Maybe images uploaded as bmp also works...
    File names perhaps will have to be stripped again to obtain "0.bmp" ... "9.bmp" and "date.bmp", "month.bmp"
    Here are the IV12 digits.
    NOTE: you may not want to overwrite your classic "date.bmp" and "month.bmp", the ones provided here are tools for checking the video gamma value of the IPS displays.
    11_1619769570142_6.bmp 10_1619769570142_5.bmp 9_1619769570141_4.bmp 8_1619769570140_3.bmp 7_1619769570140_2.bmp 6_1619769570139_1.bmp 5_1619769570139_0.bmp 4_1619769570138_month.bmp 3_1619769570137_date.bmp 2_1619769570137_9.bmp 1_1619769570135_8.bmp 0_1619769570134_7.bmp

  • @JBTaylor said in EleksTube IPS additional faces and wifi:

    I have a couple of faces; one is based on the Westminster font (I edited the 4 a bit, but if you like the original 4 I still have it), and the other is based on the Indian Head test pattern.

    I really love that Westminster one, any chance you could upload it please? Thanks!

  • @toastlord Let's see if this works, I'm linking to a zipfile (on Github) of the BMPs to this post. (I also have the BIN & a gallery JPG if you're tempted to replace one of the existing faces.)


  • @StefanG Thanks Stefan! I downloaded them to my PC. I'll upload them to my clock when I am back to work on Monday.
    what did you use to make these? The color of the segments looks a little bit too green (on my monitor) perhaps they will look more correct when they are on the LPS panels?

  • I got my IPS today.

    I have spent all day trying to sync the clock to my windows 10 64bit laptop.

    I have made some great images for the custom clock setting, but I cannot get the software to work.

    I downloaded the official software from the site everyone suggests, unzipped it, executed the 340 application, and it looks like it's doing something, but when I launch the main app where I am meant to be able to change the custom font to presets or my own creation, it never syncs. Not even when I use the refresh button.

    Am I doing something wrong?
    Will anti virus software prevent it from working?

    Any help would be great. It's annoying me that it doesn't work, and all the official eleks contact routes seem to go nowhere.

  • @TheMightyImp2

    I fixed it!!

    The USB C cable boxed with the unit was either not a data transfer lead, or its faulty. I used my PS5 to Pulse headset USB C cable, and it worked a treat!

  • @JonnyPhenom Hi, they should look less green on the IPS clock indeed.
    The greyscale (and color) reproduction depends on several parameters of a display panel or monitor: most important are brightness, contrast and gamma. (And many more...) To match, and to predict the color reproduction on a computer monitor versus the IPS clock, I would advise to change the gamma value of your graphics editor. Photoshop and GIMP have such a possibility. In GIMP, it's under View / Display Filters... that you have to activate Gamma and give it a value of e.g. 2.2. Doing so, the over-all gamma value of GIMP an your monitor will result in something close to 1.0. Although I could not determine that the IPS gamma is 1.0, this "trick" does help to predict the image reproduction of color and grey scales while editing in GIMP. Without setting the GIMP gamma to 2.2, my early edits needed several steps of trial and error, but now my edits are quite close to what I saw on my computer monitor.
    What the IPS panels tend to do, is favoring the darker values. So in case of typical fluorescent color, the small blue contribution becomes more apparent than on the computer, thereby shifting the color from green to more cyan-like.
    Similarly, if you have an image of some display, and you reproduce it on the IPS clock, the dark background details become more emphasized. Now, such details make the reproduction look realistic, but the emphasis on the dark details can become a bit disturbing. Therefore, I would advise here too, to use GIMP with its gamma set to 2.2 (or so) and the correct the image with the color curves or the color levels facility to your taste.

  • @JBTaylor Thanks for that, finally got mine today and uploaded it no problems. How easy is replacing one of the existing faces?

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