Engraving horizontal lines for text

  • I haven't used my A3 2.5 with T2laser for a while and for the last 2 days I have been trying to get it to engrave some text on wood. Instead of the text I get the whole area filled with straight lines. I have reloaded the parameters and looked at/changed settings to try to fix it but it just burns straight lines. Is there a setting that is affecting it or do I have a problem with the Mana Board or something else? Cheers.

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    @BobbyB It would help to see the problem, but perhaps you have enabled Sketch (Hatch) or have the resolution set incorrectly? Try 0.2 or 0.18.

  • Thanks Zax. I hadn't used it for a while and when I started it didn't engrave the text, just lines so I looked at all the settings, reloaded parameters and reset a couple of settings and it worked . Next time I started it up it was just doing lines again so I did the same things and eventually it engraved the text but upside down and smaller than it should be. I checked the directions and they were all backwards so I reversed all axis, I also checked the resolution which was at 0.1 even though I had set it at 0.2. I tried again and just got lines.
    My thoughts are to uninstall and reinstall and go through the setup again. Will there be issues with the re-install on the same computer? Should I download the latest version and install that as I had done an update after the issues re-appeared.
    My other thought is to change the Mana board and try that as I do have a spare. I am a volunteer at a Community Centre and have a large order to fulfill for them so I need to get it going. Cheers, Bob

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    @BobbyB You don't need to reload the software but if you think it's settings just click Restore Defaults in the Help menu. If you post a picture of the result you are getting I can better understand what the issue is, it could be mechanical - like loose belts but without seeing the problem I am totally guessing in the dark.

    I don't check the forums that often so for faster support just email me or contact from my website.

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