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  • Bonjour
    j'ai installé l'application elekscam pour l'eleksdraw, j'arrive à faire bouger les servomoteurs X et Y sur le panneau de contrôle mais lors du dessin seul le petit servomteur du stylo fonctionne mais pas les deux autres X et Y, qu'ai-je oublié de faire
    merci d'avance

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @amacin Known bug but Elekscam is not supported. There is a patch you can do but it changes your system, and still there are other problems in the software which is why I developed T2Laser as an alternative.

  • hello
    I have downloaded T2 laser. I wanted to draw a circle but the eleksmaker drew it point by point, how can I draw a circle continuously

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @amacin Did you use the circle from Help / Samples menu, create in Sketch or something else?

    If you configure the firmware correctly it should produce fluid movements. In T2Laser Configure Eleks menu you can just click the EleksDraw option and it will set CoreXY and Servo mode which is correct for this machine.

  • Hello
    I can't control the size of my drawings when i'm using laser T2, even when i'm changing the output size
    What can I do?

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @amacin T2Laser will output the size shown, you can check the information overlay or the G-code simulation "view" to see the size it should output. If it is not correct the problem is your controller and you need to calibrate the firmware parameters, there's a feature in T2Laser to do that automatically.

    Test a shape from the Help / Samples menu to see if the problem is operator error or the machine.

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