Connections on Z-axis Spindle

  • Hello--I purchased a Z-axis and was able to use it with the laser module. Now, I wish to try the spindle/drill motor; however, I don't understanding the connections. On the spindle, I have two connectors: a red one with two-wire connector and a circular "power jack." The kit comes with a circular cable with a two-wire male end. If I plug a power supply into the circular power jack, the spindle motor spins, which is cool.

    I have a 3-axis mana board.

    Which cables go where? My laser connector has 3 wires.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Okay. I found the 12V supply on the 3-axis Mana board and was able to turn the drill on by connecting the two-wire connector from the Mana to the round power jack of the spindle; however, I still don't know how to connect the PWM/TTL line to the spindle. On the laser, it has 3 wires but the spindle only has two wires.

  • Then I took a two wire connector (red and black) from the TTL/PWM of the spindle to the black and red wires of the three wire PWM connector previously connected to the laser. Interestingly, the module doesn't even need the 12V and just runs of the TTL/PWM. The spindle doesn't turn off, however.

    It would be so much more useful if Banggood would just send a wiring diagram with the device. Anyone know how it is supposed to be hooked up?

  • Well, Looks like I managed to fry my 3-axis board. I can't communicate with it anymore. I am able to communicate with the 2-axis board. I have spent a couple of days trying to find the documentation for how to connect the spindle but cannot find it. What am I missing?

  • I was able to use the Arduino Clone from the 2-axis controller to replace the one from the 3-axis controller. Everything seems to work normally; however, I am still not sure how to properly connect the spindle. Am I missing something obvious? I want to control the spindle speed via GRLB commands but the laser connection is not a one-for-one swap with the spindle.

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    @DrEvil1963 You need a way to convert the TTL/PWM signal to something you can use for the motor, a MOSFET is the most common method (speed controller) but you could use a 5V TTL relay if you don't need speed control.

  • Thanks (as usual) Zak. I will look for that. I would ultimately like to control the speed.


  • Quick question, though. The spindle has two connectors. The red 2-wire and the round power jack. Is the red 2-wire connector for the TTL.PWM? I am assuming yes.

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    @DrEvil1963 Are you sure it is an EleksMill? These only have 2 wires, power and ground. You plug them into the "motor" connector which is a MOSFET switched PWM 12VDC so it can control the speed but watch for overheating if running at slow speeds, a heatsink and fan would be a good idea for the MOSFET.


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