Eleksdraw servo resolution

  • I have the normal (non pro) Eleksdraw.

    The pen up/ down resolution is very low. Can this be improved so I have finer control of the up / down position?

    Sending S GCode commands there are only 5 steps between S35 (my chosen up position), and 53 (down). These are S53, S48, S43, S38, S35

    The reason I want this control is to be able to bring the pen down gently and avoid smashing the nip into the paper.

  • Developer of T2Laser Software

    @mrboni Something is wrong, pen down should be around S60 and pen up at S0. You should have at least 12 steps using +/-5 values. Pen down (force) is gravity and up is lifted by the servo.

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