Desert Safari in Dubai

  • Dubai offers a perfect vacation for those who like to enjoy nature and adventure at the same time. One can enjoy the beauty of the Arabian Desert by taking a desert safari in Dubai. Dubai provides you with an opportunity to explore this exotic land by hiring a desert safari in Dubai. The trip consists of the exciting activities such as Belly Dancing, Dune Bashing, Tanura Dance, Sand boarding, Camel Riding, and Horse Riding.

    On your desert safari Dubai tours, you will be treated to an experience that will make you feel like you have never seen before. Besides, your taste buds are taken care of, your palate satisfied, mouth watering BBQ Dinner with non-veg optional dishes and truly pleasurable dessert are served on your Dubai desert safari tours.

    All these and much more await you. It's a vacation that is filled with excitement and adventure. An adventure filled desert safari in Dubai gives you the opportunity to ride on a camel. A beautiful camel ride takes you through lush surroundings and breathtaking views. You can sit back and have a great time watching the friendly local merchants.

    The merchants of Dubai take special interest in the needs of their visitors and organise camel safaris so that they can see to the needs of their customers.
    A camel safari in Dubai will give you an opportunity to see the Bedouin tribe. These tribespeople live in the desert and hunt their own animals. Camel riding in the desert is a unique experience.

    It is one of the best deserts safari adventures you could ever consider. In order to prepare for this trip, you will require camels and all the equipment required for this trip including food supplies and water bottles. A Bedouin tribe will guide you through all the necessary steps of preparation for this journey. When you participate in a desert safari in Dubai, you can also visit the Al-Wasi tribe whose main home is at Wadi Rum.

    Their villages are located near Al-Udeid Beach where they herd sheep. You will witness the tribe's daily life activities such as weaving, tail cutting and gathering wood from their surroundings. You will also be able to enjoy desert safari in Dubai with the provision of a traditional camel safari on a vehicle driven by an experienced Bedouin who will lead you around their villages and show you the way.

    The desert safari in Dubai offers you the chance to enjoy a luxurious camel safari. You will drive yourself hired camel around the amazing Al-Wasi tribe's villages, go deep into the Thar Desert and experience the traditional Bedouin lifestyle. On your way you will encounter an animal show, tribesmen and other entertainment activities. This is one of the most popular adventure sports enjoyed by many tourists. So, if you love adventure and excitement, plan for a desert safari in Dubai and get ready to explore all the major attractions of the city.

    If you are looking for the ultimate excitement and adventure during your desert safari tours in UAE, you should definitely include Arabian desert and the opportunity to trek on the Al Hajar Mountains. Trekking the mountains in the Arabian desert will give you an opportunity to view the beautiful landscapes of UAE. The experience will include trekking up the mountains, enjoying hot air ballooning and resting at the top with your guide. It is an exciting and breathtaking experience.

    You can also include some exciting adventure activities such as wakeboarding, parasailing, snowboarding, climbing, sandboarding, driving and much more. There are plenty of adventure sports and activities to enjoy during your Dubai morning desert safari. So, book your tickets to Dubai in no time to experience the excitement and thrill.

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