Help! Image upload fail, screens blank

  • I have the same problem! I tried to change the design and since then the numbers disappeared from the display. There is no other design. No Retro, no PUNK, no DIY. Tried from lots of operating systems but no fix. The charge bar goes to 15%-20%, the clock restarts but nothing changes, the display and "styles bank" are blank.
    How fixed this problem?

    Thank you!

  • I am very frustrated. I paid a lot of money for this clock and now it is useless. How does one reach EleksMaker so that they will help us?

    As one can see in the attached image, the clock is putting out the "Jpeg file format not supported!" message over and over. I didn't do anything wrong. I used the download software as documented. I didn't try to make any custom images.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?


  • @classer The same problem with me. I checked it under Ardiuno IDE and throws the same bug. I think every time the picture is updated! It would be nice if someone would help solve the problem because the watch was really expensive!


  • The solution has arrived! I received the new software from Banggood and the clock works! Feel free to use it! Logically, just like the old version!



    4_1627551092748_viber_kép_2021-07-29_11-30-03-943.jpg 3_1627551092748_viber_kép_2021-07-29_11-27-25-083.jpg 2_1627551092748_viber_kép_2021-07-29_11-27-24-803.jpg 1_1627551092748_viber_kép_2021-07-29_11-27-24-776.jpg 0_1627551092747_viber_kép_2021-07-29_11-27-24-649.jpg

  • Same thing for me. Banggood gave me a new software tool to download and it worked! I assume it's the same one that VoiceMixMaster got. I'm impressed that Banggood was actually able to offer support.

  • New problem! Now you can change the style, but after a few minutes the last number of the second display goes crazy and the picture disappears. I tried it with my own number line, same result! The size of the DIY files is very small!


  • Had the same problem. Use a more powerful power supply then it will work.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @VoiceMix-Master Mine has that glitch too. I used a good power supply and cable and the issue persists.
    I'm going for a refund.

  • @JulioTavares I keep corresponding with them, but they keep putting me on hold. I want my money back too!

  • @Zipcom I have tried from many different power supplies. Charger, Fast charger, USB3 port, etc. Problem remains! On top of that, it no longer accepts BMP files!

  • @VoiceMix-Master Where did you bought yours? I bought from banggood.

  • I'm having the same issue blank screen and only managed to get it working again with the above mentioned tool. No bitmap support is a major downside (I want pixel perfect, not compression artifacts).

    The supplied images are not the same quality (worse). Check out the gallery images and compare. File properties of the exe don't match either (official exe has a product name).

    PS, mine also comes from banggood.

    PS 2, if this is an issue multiple people are having, why is there still no official reply from EleksMaker?

  • @Verodin I really thinking the banggood is a fake one or they changed some specs. For example, in the back side of the screens, you can see the lettering is different on the Elekstube name and it doesnt have some numbers as the promotion picture.

  • @JulioTavares From Banggood! They told me to ask how much the return postage is and to write to them! They told me to have it repaired locally and they would pay for the repair. Funny!

  • @JulioTavares Everything is fine for me. There is another version, also based on this hardware, which also handles Wifi. It's called NovelLife. Youtube Video

  • @Verodin This is a very good question! I think you need a full software update and they don't dare to do that because the ESP32 update is not that easy. I'm not right! I'm sending mine back, it was too expensive to not work properly. I'd rather buy a regular Nixie watch.

  • @VoiceMix-Master They said the same for me. Absurd. I want the full refund, but the shipping from Brazil to China is around U$50. I really dont know what to do.
    They updated their product page saying to remove the back rgb led from the last screen to stop this from happening. I dont want a butchered clock for that price...

  • I've considered sending it back as well, but same as you, it's not worth it. I'm taking my losses (it is a risk ordering stuff from sites like BG that are located on the other side of the world) and will bring my business elsewhere.

    There is another firmware that out there on GitHub that I plan on giving a go when I have the time;
    Hopefully there are no hardware changes that require some reverse engineering. Who knows what other changes Geekcreit (BG's copycat partner) has done.

  • @JulioTavares:
    "For example, in the back side of the screens, you can see the lettering is different on the Elekstube name and it doesnt have some numbers as the promotion picture."

    Indeed! Thanks for pointing that out. Promo pics have copper letters, BG's version is silkscreen. Also did you notice the PCB of the screens has a different thickness in real life?

    edit: now that I'm checking my actual clock, I see that 2 of the 6 screens have a thinner PCB! And they tilt much more forward/backward when you move them.

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