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    here is a lighter I engraved last week. The coating was a lot thicker than I expected. I had to cut through it at 100 mm/min. This was done with an eleksmaker A5 with an L7 board and a 2500mw laser and T2 software.

    1_1488301239584_IMG_20170226_160038010.jpg 0_1488301239583_IMG_20170226_160057322.jpg

  • Hi, I'm interested in trying this, could you kindly share me the set up that you used for zippo engraving (i.e. line by line, how many power, speed, etc)

    I use the eleks milling but already upgrade to 2.5W laser module. GRBL Laser soft 'cause I can't seem to make the laser turn on in Benbox.

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    well i dont use elekscam, benbox, or GRBL laser so I dont know that my settings translate. I use T2 Laser software. The speed was 100mm/min and I used the equivalent of line by line. The power was set at maixmum which is 255 in T2.

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