Gcode m3 and m5 seem to be reversed

  • When m3 is executed it lifts the pen from the egg and m5 places it on the egg. That seems backwards to me could someone please let me know


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    That's reverse to how mine works.

    Did you set the firmware correctly?

  • I loaded ver 3.8 of the firmware is there somthing else to do other than select egg in elekscam?

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    I have no idea what version 3.8 of their firmware is, or how to configure it with EleksCAM but I do know it shouldn't work that way. M5 (or M3 S0) should lift the pen, M3 S60 should allow the pen to drop down.

  • Thanks for getting back to me. I do not know why but mine is backwards and therefore does not work

    does anyone know of a solution

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    well zax is being a bit modest but you can use his t2 laser program to control the egg. That is how he does it. He is listed as a cooperative partner for his work on making a software to work with these system.

    I dont know a whole lot about set up but the help menu says to use the custom firmware

    .9i EleksMana. Use for EleksDraw or EleksEgg systems that require either Servo or CoreXY control (see sub menu for configuration)

    Then to go to

    Configure EleksMana (only for use with the EleksMana firmware)

    · Click to select your machine; Laser, Draw, Egg or Mill

    · Click to change modes; Laser, Servo, Cartesian or CoreXY


    Mine is greyed out because I'm not actually connected to anything.

  • nottingham82 Thanks for the insight

    I have downloaded the eval of T2 and followed your instructions but I am in the same place for some reason the pen is reversed of what it should be doing laser on the pen is up and laser off the pen is down.
    I still need to solve this issue... very frustrated

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    is it possible your wire is put in reversed or your servo is upside down? I dont have one so I dont know if that is even possible

  • thanks for the thought I actually built that section backwards (best way I can describe it) went online and saw a demo of it running which showed the servo on the other side I just flipped it all around and it works fine

    THANK YOU all for the assist

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    Too late now, but for others. My instructions are in English and have lots of pictures ;)


    I have the same for the EleksDraw, just look in the T2Laser section.

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    haha never count out the obvious!

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