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    With clear statements and positive expressions,s you make life easier for yourself and your employees. Therefore, delete the following vocabulary from your vocabulary:
    “Coming soon, sometimes, in a few days, promptly”
    instead: clear dates and times, precise deadlines. And be realistic when setting them up
    “All, Much, Something, A Little, A Few”
    instead: Concrete quantities, eg “I will need x hours”,
    “Man, Approximately, Probably, Hope, Believe, Try”
    instead: Stay in the present tense, take responsibility
    “ Would, dignity, would have, wanted, could, should”
    instead: speak plain text and avoid polite phrases
    “Yes, but…, never, again, not bad, always”
    instead: Clear praise, no hidden reproaches, formulate positively
    Give feedback - this is how it works
    The appraisal interview is the ideal opportunity to give your employees constructive feedback in a quiet environment. However, this is easier said than done. The reason for this: When giving feedback, there is always some form of criticism involved and Best Essay Writing Services.
    No matter how good your intentions are, giving feedback can lead to misunderstandings and injuries to the other person.
    The feedback 1 × 1:
    meaning and purpose: comparison of the perception of others and perception of oneself. You want to initiate a change and, ideally, an improvement - feedback is not an outlet for frustration and anger!
    is expressed descriptively - not judgmental,
    is specific and not general (related to certain behavior and not to the whole person),
    aims at behaviors that can be changed,
    should be expressed promptly and in good time,
    should be factually correct and understandable.
    The criterion for good feedback: Is it formulated and conveyed in such a way that the other can thank you for it?
    When you give feedback, put yourself in the shoes of the other person and bear in mind that negative criticism is often difficult to cope with.
    WWW technology provides a remedy here.
    Package your feedback in:
    Perception: what do I see? What did I hear? I have observed that you put your used dishes in the sink instead of in the dishwasher.
    Effect: How does it affect me? What are the consequences of the observed behavior? and Buy Essay Online
    I don't like that because we agreed to put dishes in the specially purchased dishwasher. In addition, you cannot use the sink like this.
    Wishes: What should happen now? What is important to me
    In the future, please put the dishes you use directly in the dishwasher so that each of your colleagues can find a proper kitchen.
    Tip: You are welcome to publicly acknowledge good performance. However, only express criticism in private!
    Good feedback skills are particularly important in corporate culture with effective error management. Course corrections can be made here through constructive feedback. This can turn mistakes into opportunities. That brings us to the next, closely related point:
    Establish a culture of error
    You want to avoid them as much as possible, but everyone makes mistakes: mistakes. Everyone's fallibility is a fact to be addressed. This is the only way to deal adequately with mistakes - and even to benefit from this fact.
    Reconsider your attitude towards mistakes and take this new perspective with you into the performance appraisal. A new way of dealing with errors can bring other secondary aspects with it, such as an increased willingness to innovate on the part of your employees and the courage to break new ground.
    Every mistake can happen - but preferably only once. Because, as is well known, one learns from mistakes and Cheap Resume Writing Services.
    If a mistake has only been made, you, as the superior, are dependent on your employee informing you immediately so that the damage can be limited as quickly as possible. If, on the other hand, the employee hides the mistake out of fear of sanctions, the damage becomes even greater. Align fault tolerance at the management level and communicate this.
    Dealing with mistakes is therefore not a question of whether, but of why. Your skills as a mentor and coach are required here. Evaluate the following questions together with your employee:
    How did this error come about?
    What could you have done to avoid this mistake?
    What did you learn from it?
    What can we do in the future so that this mistake does not repeat itself?
    Set a good example by openly communicating your own mistakes. You are not only a manager but also serve as a role model to which your employees will orient themselves.
    Caution: Under no circumstances should you try to blame others for your own mistakes!
    Convince instead of persuading
    Of course, as a manager, you can make it easy for yourself to take advantage of your position of power vis-à-vis the employee, wave off his objections and drive him over the mouth: sooner or later he will agree to your ideas.
    Alternatively, you can initially assert your opinion through skillful manipulation and persuasion techniques. What do the two practices have in common? They produce dissatisfied, patronized employees and bad solutions. Good leadership looks different!
    The premise is convincing instead of persuading. Go into the appraisal interview with an open attitude that is willing to compromise, because a cooperative attitude promotes cooperative behavior. It requires understanding listening so that the respective starting points become clear. Then these facts are analyzed together. Arguments are exchanged, counter-arguments put forward. Be sure to take objections seriously and discuss the pros and cons. Coordinate the further procedure instead of dictating it. If the employee perceives the goals or solutions agreed in the conversation as his - because he was significantly involved in the development of these - he will pursue the implementation of these with a different attitude and fervor and essay.
    Create win-win situations
    Part of good leadership is the ability to create win-win situations. Admittedly, not out of the blue and not at any cost: some special conversation situations simply do not allow this, other conversation results, on the other hand, are merely camouflaged as a win-win situation - on closer inspection, however, there are only losers. But with goodwill and an open mindset, it is usually possible to find a compromise that is satisfactory to both sides. In short: none of those involved has the feeling of leaving the performance appraisal as a loser.
    "Whoever speaks sows, who listens, reaps."
    South American proverb
    Employee appraisals not only give you the chance to influence work processes and to accompany them with support but also to improve the relationship with your employees in the long term and to shape the tone in the company.
    The company dialogue fulfills a wide variety of functions, depending on the occasion: target agreements are made, praise and criticism are expressed, feedback is given and information is exchanged.
    Take the tips to heart and check your communication style critically for sources of error, because the employee appraisal is the basis for trusting and successful cooperation.

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