Vote : Do you use Windows or Mac OS

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  • I use both. I hate windows. Mac is SOO much better (in my opinion)

  • This already runs on mac but not with your your software porting it will not be so easy either unless you drop DOTNET and use golang java or another cross platform and then even these have their quirks.

    MAC without doubt is a better operation system it's unix based for a start thus has a enterprise file system. I tried to get to your software to run in a VM with windows 7 but to no avail @Zax did recommend to use T Laser which at the time I had downloaded but as I had found weblaser which does run on mac/windows/linux I thought I would give it a go, then has presto all working well.

    I have never had your software working locally so I can't compare the Gcode version between the two.

    So basiclly I say your software should accomidate all user windows MAC and LINUX..

  • Windows

  • @EleksMaker-Z

    I'm having a Mac!

  • Windows 10 of course for about 2 years.

  • @EleksMaker-Z Using Windows 7 (Shop for hardware compatibility) , 10 (Office) and Linux (home). More documentation on the software will also improve usability. A more in depth tutorial on hardware will be great for trouble shooting issues, especially for new comers to this technology.

  • Windows 10

  • Is there any new version/update of EleksCAM is going to release ?
    10 month old thread is active now.

  • Current EleksCAM version dos not works for me before with any type of windows, I cry in this forum and nobody help me i was very sad running Eleks Laser and EleksDrw with Benbox and LaserGRBL......
    after some time i found Windows XP SP4 loaded with all new net framework, ac, dc, vc etc.. (it was ghost file no need to be software expert to install )
    and better then paid software.

    Please add some more single line font because its only one font is active now in Elekscam


  • Windows 10

  • Windows 10

  • windows 10

  • @EleksMaker-Z I use all three. Windows, Mac and Linux.
    Would love to see a Linux compatible software that is decent. And one you don’t need to use WINE for.

  • Mac

  • MacBook Pro - macOSX

    Just purchased EleksLaser A3 Pro and trying to get it to work with my mac. So fare I have been able to get the serial communication to run (COM3) but further then that ... no.

    If there are anyone out here, on this forum, that can guide me I will highly appreciate that help :sunglasses:


  • @EleksMaker-Z i prefer MAC

  • Please make Mac software, creatives/artists often prefer using Mac and will give extra exposure through Social Media etc.

  • Mac

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