Vote : Do you use Windows or Mac OS

  • Current EleksCAM version dos not works for me before with any type of windows, I cry in this forum and nobody help me i was very sad running Eleks Laser and EleksDrw with Benbox and LaserGRBL......
    after some time i found Windows XP SP4 loaded with all new net framework, ac, dc, vc etc.. (it was ghost file no need to be software expert to install )
    and better then paid software.

    Please add some more single line font because its only one font is active now in Elekscam


  • Windows 10

  • Windows 10

  • windows 10

  • @EleksMaker-Z I use all three. Windows, Mac and Linux.
    Would love to see a Linux compatible software that is decent. And one you don’t need to use WINE for.

  • Mac

  • MacBook Pro - macOSX

    Just purchased EleksLaser A3 Pro and trying to get it to work with my mac. So fare I have been able to get the serial communication to run (COM3) but further then that ... no.

    If there are anyone out here, on this forum, that can guide me I will highly appreciate that help :sunglasses:


  • @EleksMaker-Z i prefer MAC

  • Please make Mac software, creatives/artists often prefer using Mac and will give extra exposure through Social Media etc.

  • Mac

  • MAC

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10

  • Mac. And I can't use my eleksdraw because of this.

  • For me personally I have been suing windows as the following features are quiet useful for me and personally I think macOS cross compatibility is an issue for aa user like me.
    Some following points made me choose windows over macOS :-
    Ease to Use: The more modern ones are possibly simple for users familiar with previous versions as well. Perhaps that is due to the uniform look and feel of virtually perhaps the systems and the way the file system has been implemented since the days of MS Windows.

    Available Software: It is equipped with a large range of applications. This is both because of and why Microsoft is a world leader in Desktop operating systems and bureau applications. When you are searching for your business program, a Windows version is likely to be available somewhere if the product exists.

    Backward Compatibility: If you are currently using the older edition and need more up-to-date details but don’t want to compromise the use of any older Window only programs that are important to your business needs, it’s possible that such programs will operate with a newer version.

    Plug & Play: Windows is also a specialist in plug & play support for PC hardware, as an operating system for the average home user. As long as you install the right drivers, Windows typically does an outstanding job of recognizing new hardware. Many operating systems do have Plug & Play features, but require manual control to a lesser degree and more frequently.

    These are the features that led me to be a Windows User. What about you?

  • Windows For Sure

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