Peculiarities of writing an essay

  • The English language essay is very specific. There are three types of essays:

    For or against.
    Opinion essay
    Essay-decision, solution of a specific problem

    The structure is standard everywhere: introduction, main material, conclusion.

    Opinion essays "For or against".
    The peculiarity of this genre is that the author examines the topic from two angles, putting forward arguments "for" and "against" a certain phenomenon / action / circumstance, etc. It is important to note that the researcher is not obliged to take any particular position, it is enough to observe neutrality. It is important to indicate your attitude to the topic and the problem, to summarize the general results of the whole work.

    Opinion essay.
    Here it is important not just to show your attitude to the topic and the problem, but also to consider the issue from all possible angles. Gather as much verified information as possible, carefully revise it. Is legit? Be sure to support each conclusion and position with arguments. It will be good if the work will reflect the point of view of another researcher who thinks differently (not as the author). At the end of the paper, be sure to clearly articulate your point of view within the chosen topic of the essay.

    Problem-Solving Essay.
    In this type of essay, it is necessary to state directly the problem, its cause and effect, the impact on a particular object, subject. Here it is important not just to consider the problem, but also to propose methods of its solution. The author should prove why the proposed measures will be effective and why they should be applied.

    To write a quality and competent essay in English, you should adhere to the general structure, use a draft, have a broad outlook, correctly and interestingly reflect your own thoughts.
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