Leather wedding coasters

  • @nottingham82 a man of many interesting sides.

  • @EleksMaker-Z . Just noticed this tool. http://oss.eleksmaker.com/ELine/index.html
    Amazing. Thank you.

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    @Josephus said in Leather wedding coasters:

    @EleksMaker-Z . Just noticed this tool. http://oss.eleksmaker.com/ELine/index.html
    Amazing. Thank you.


  • @nottingham82 What type of paint do you use for the glass or metal surface?? how do you control rotation of the glass. I just built 2500mw A3 and have 5500w laser backup.

  • @aj_nyc I have used black spray paint on glass before but that is a pain in the butt to remove. I have moved to black acrylic paint and make sure I have a nice even coating. It works very well

    for the rotation, Nottingham and I have designed and 3D printed our own rotary axis
    Mine: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2565273
    His: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2561227

    We both use T2 laser as our software and it has rotary mode built into it. If you use something else, you will most likely have to do the calculations to adjust the steps/mm on the motor

  • @ThothLoki That's a great solution.. I'm just getting started with these kits and learning electronics.. So according to videos the servo is connected to the Y and the T2 software will drive it during the burn. I do baseball bats which does not need the rotary, however I live in Brazil and want to start a business to do these arts while there 8 months of year...

    Can you make me one of those rotary axis?? Trade for a personalize bat???? ;)

  • @aj_nyc LOL. It would probably be easier (and cheaper) to get your own 3D printer. I did this on a Maker Select v2 which has a 220mmx220mmx170mm workspace. You could pick up an Anet A8 for under $200USD

    I bet if you even check 3Dhubs.com, there would be someone local to you that could make the parts.

    Shipping from the states would probably be more than my printer.....

    You can connect it to the X or the Y axis. It is whatever is easier for you.

  • @ThothLoki I'm in NY now.. I leave in a couple months.. I plan on buy a printer to take with me.. But then there is a learning curve.. I won't be able to concentrate until I return home.. Set your price or trade.

  • @aj_nyc If I had the time I would love to. My printer is currently busy until spring making some parts for a product I am trying to prototype that needs to be done this winter.

    I did upload all of the files onto 3D hubs for New York, New York and all of the printed parts would cost $95 for PLA and $104 for PETG. That seems like a pretty good deal. I know that my price would be probably more than double that do print them. It is not necessarily the actual printing, but the amount of time required by me. My time is very valuable to me and have lots of things taking my time (work, family, work, child, work, sports, work, hobbies, work.....did I mention work?). I also do not leave my printer unattended. I am always home when it is running, so this cuts down on the amount of time I can print.

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