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    I don't usually post updates on this forum but I know several people are interested in pen changes for multi-color drawings. This feature was added to the latest version and works with DXF and PLT files. If you use Inkscape I have a custom color palette which makes it easy to select your pen (up to 6).

    Here are some recent changes:

    » v1.4j added crop image feature, auto-crop sketch to extents (sketch + settings), Aussie z-jog, resize "trace" with enhanced detail

    » v1.4k added Russian and Korean languages, Sketch matrix copy (step and repeat), file name on G-code header, custom G-code buttons, "splash" screens, option for CNC Z-Safe height and Depth per Pass

    » v1.4m adds tool (pen) change to support EleksDraw or CNC, uses spindle speed and safe Z height for raster CNC 3D mode

    T2Laser supports auto-updates, it will let you know when the release is available to install.

    You can install from my secure server: https://t2laser.blob.core.windows.net/install/setup.exe

    or from any of the popular sites, I recommend CNET: http://download.cnet.com/T2Laser/3000-2130_4-76476538.html

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    This post is deleted!

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    @mrmister Yes, you need to be online during installation and to check for updates, it will run disconnected once installed.

    I previously had a standalone installed (before v1.4d) but the online deployment is much cleaner as it only downloads files that are new or changed. The total download is around 4Mb, and if needed it will also download the .net run-time from Microsoft (most people already have .net 4.5 or above).

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    pls , update more XD

    BTW , the T2 Laser is based on .NET? C#?

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    @EleksMaker-Z Yes, I use .Net Frameworks 4.5.

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    I have released v1.4r which includes the following changes:

    correction factor for arc text size
    added half sizes for small text
    option to not fill open DXF shapes (disables combine)
    simple streaming protocol
    add an image border (several options and can be used multiple times for some interesting borders)
    smoothie mode (0-1 for laser power)
    support DXF points (for CNC drilling)

    If you are registered your software will automatically update in the next few weeks (updates are free).

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