How to identify fake EleksTube?

  • I recently got an EleksTube and have issues with it (same blank screen issues as described in another topic). While searching for a solution, I saw the warning on the blog that fake ElekTubes are being sold. I suspect mine might be fake and was wondering if there is a way to be sure. Are there any differences that can be used to see which is real and which is fake?

  • They simply wont answer here. Worst company ever.

  • @Verodin Now I'm curious too!

  • @Verodin Hello, i also have issues with this vlock. Bought mine at Banggood. The right mist digit fails after a short or longer while. I have contacted Eleksmaker via its Aliexpress shop. They confirmed that Banggood is not an official reseller of the Eleksmaker IPS clock and that the clocks sold by Banggood are fakes. The currently easiest way to identify fakes is to look on the back side of the IPS displays. On ghe original clock, the “EleksTube IPS” text is gold plated. On the knock offs that Banggood sells this text is in white silk screen. All the rest looks identical, even the box it comes in. I’ve asked if maybe Bangood sells some older version rejected by Eleksmaker, but the helpful Eleksmaker employee assured me that Eleksmaker never has had the white silk screen version produced.
    I have asked Banggood for instructions how to send the clock back and will also file a complaint at PayPal.

  • By the way, i recently swapped IPS screens again and now the right most display is no longer failing. When I swap the digits back, the problem re-occurs. It seems to be maybe a tolerance issue. I wonder how long it will keep working, but it now plays for almost three days!

    There is however still another issue with my clock of which i am curious if others (having a fake or not) have the same experience. The updating of the digits on my clock is “slow”. You see the screen is written from top to bottom. I saw several you tube clips that display much more instantaneous updates of the digits. Is this slow update behaviour also recognized by others?

  • @ArnoldLayne I also received an Elekstube Nixie clock which I believe to be fake. One of the screens has a green line down it so does not work at all, the writing on the back is white as mentioned above and not gold, and my screen seems to write from top to bottom as well which I've already reported back to the seller as I too saw the much smoother digit display on YouTube videos. The one thing I am unsure of is where to actually buy a legitimate one. Even the website takes you through to links where apparently Banggood is listed as an official distributor. Unsure if AliExpress will also send a fake, and the website to me seems lacking on information. The social media has very little followers too.

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