y and x axis not working

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    My eleks a3's y and x axis does not operate together. It makes a sound like it wants to move in one axis but doesnt, while the other one operates. I have tried switching the y and x axis plugs and the opposite axis works. Here is a short vid of what happened.

    Thank you

    Youtube Video

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    Ok so your wires seem to work. At least 2 steppers work. The axis moves so that's all good. The reason it moves jerky when you switch the wires is only one stepper is moving. You may just need to increase your y axis voltage. The red board has a Philips head screw that controls voltage. If you turn them in you increase voltage to the steppers. If you have a multimeter you can check to make sure you increase them equally. I forget what they should be set at but yours are probably low

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    Nottingham82 is probably correct that you need to increase the current, but don't disconnect the motors while powered as it will damage the drivers.

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