Nanotechnologies' battery technology


    Sila Nanotechnologies' next-generation battery technology It launched a commercial product Wednesday with a new Whoop fitness tracker, a milestone that ends a decade of research and development by all Silicon Valley startups aimed at cracking the code to pack more power into it. cells at a lower cost Billions have been spent in recent years to develop battery chemistry. by various startup companies

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    The goal is to replace the anode or cathode with a convertible material such as silicon or lithium. In the case of solid state companies Sila Nano's battery chemistry formula replaces graphite in battery cell anodes with silicon. To make battery packs more energy-dense and cheaper, other companies such as BASF are focusing on building high-energy cathodes.

    As more and more companies are working on a wide range of battery chemistry. They also haven't used the conventional cell technology found in today's lithium-ion cells, the Sila battery used in the upcoming Whoop 4.0. Apple, the company's latest health and performance tracker, may be the first time in the past few decades that the world has seen the next-generation battery chemistry hit the market.

    The launch of a small fitness tracker doesn't seem like a big deal. But this is the first device on the market to prove our progress. and over time This will scale and lead to the electrification of everything,” Gene Berdichevsky, founder and CEO of Sila Nano, told TechCrunch.Electric vehicles and the role of nano stone in propulsion It is at the top of Berdichevsky's "Electric Power for Everything

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