Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy is open

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    Edens Zero is the latest manga from Hiro Mashima, the author of Rave and Fairy Tail's manga and anime series. Two game projects have been released together. And one of them is the mobile game Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy that is open for pre-registration now. along with a talk show with Japanese voice actors which has a few ad previews of the game to watch

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    In terms of gameplay, it's a Top-down Action RPG where you can team up your characters and choose your attack commands in the style of mobile action games. Players can customize Ether Gear's abilities and their character's gear in more than 100 different ways, and a wide variety of costumes from the original manga and new costumes have been designed in the game.

    For those interested, Edens Zero: Pocket Galaxy is now open for pre-registration at the game's official website. It is expected that the game will be available to play simultaneously in Japanese and English on iOS and Android not too long to wait.

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