• Update 1.0.2e has arrived for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and here is the complete list of changes and corrections added to this patch. This update is quite long, but at least Mac users have familiarized with everyone else. This patch contains many corrections and improvements ranging from successes to improvements to the player's camera in certain areas. Many players have been asking these changes for some time, so we expect positive feedback from the community. If you miss the last update, read the PATNOTES 1.0.1C. Everything is new in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.0.2e / 1.0.2b.

    Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Update 1.0.2e / 1.0.2b Patnotes

    Crusader! We have prepared a new patch for the Windows version - 1.0.2e! The list of patchotes is quite long, so most of you have the following questions:

    The problem with the red defense banner has been fixed. The problem with automatic transmission has also been fixed. The problem that providers do not buy their prey has also been fixed. Archers do not change their destination no longer without reason. Some successes have been fixed. We have also repaired several elements. Some mythical quests did not make progress - and now they do. The problem with the Intel GPU was also fixed (see below).

    We also uploaded a patch for Mac and apologize for the delay. The Mac version has been updated to 1.0.2b, and the difference is that you contain the corrections from the previous and this Windows patch, but not the correction for the problem when loading the Intel GPU. If you want to know what else has been resolved, read the full PATNOTES:


    The final verdict: It was impossible to talk to Regill after the event and to be fixed in the party. Conspiracy in shadow: a dialogue with Yozzz ran in a loop - fixed. Conspiracy in the shade: It was impossible to complete the quest if you killed a specific NPC - fixed. Conspiracy in Shadow: It was impossible to leave Shamira's palace after loading a caraves - fixed. In the quest of Mythic Demon in Chapter 5, the allies of an NPC could not be killed - fixed. Dragon's Awakening: Places marked on the map where the NPCs need your help. The Light inside quest was not continued for the angelic mythos path - fixed. Arueshalaes Quest could not be completed if Nurah's answer was required - fixed. Sosiels Quest fixed in Chapter 4. Sometimes you could not terminate Seelah's quest series - fixed. A throne room event with Anevia has been fixed that was blocked by Sosiels Romantik Event in Chapter 5. The price of loyalty: freezing the intermediate sequence has been fixed if you are on the mythical path of the demon, and the preparations yourself completed. Iz: The Swarm-That-Walks and Gold Dragon can now use their unique dialogue options to influence the boss fight. You can now tell DAERAN from the plan of the Inquisitor in Chapter 5. After completing the Third Wheel quest, MOREVET HONEYED TONGUE has still fixed dialogue options related to the quest.


    Fixed the war of war in Drezens Temple. The lighting in Aeon's scene in Threshold has been optimized. Fixed camera movements in Threshold. Fixed camera movement in different areas of Drezen. The lighting in the epilogue has been optimized. The lighting in Kenabres in the prologue has been optimized. The lighting on the streets of Kenabres has been optimized. The lighting in the case area of ​​Pulura has been optimized. The lighting in some random encounters has been corrected. Chilly Creek: Jernaugh could be accidentally killed by wildlife - fixed. Gwerm's mansion: You can not teleport yourself in the locked room anymore. After talking to Latverk, your character could not move - fixed. The duration of a particular boss fight in Chapter 5 has been increased. The passability of the threshold area has been improved. Visual improvements for Gray Garrison. Visual improvements for the Party House Arendae. Visual improvements for PULURAS case. The problem with characters that fell through the ground in some areas has been fixed. IZ: An intermediate sequence could freeze when activated during riding. Some bodies in different areas did not look like bodies - fixed. Midnight Fan: Some companions who were not at all could float over the ground - fixed. Spoiler - The natural armor of animated weapons and armor in Finneann Quest was reduced to the core and higher levels of difficulty. A reminder was added to the diary to select your equipment at the beginning of the Colypephyr mines. In the Colyphyr Dungeon your companions also lost their equipment as your equipment was confiscated - fixed. At the transition from Ten Thousand Delights to Fleshmarkets, the party could end in the subsoil. In Ten Thousand Delights it was possible to sink under the earth - fixed. In Chapter 4, an unnecessary prefabricated check in a house in the Oberstadt was removed. Teleportation sheets were marked in Chapter 4 on the map. Dealers and important NPCs are now marked in Chapter 4 on the map. Dry intersections: The difficulty of battles was reduced. Neethholm: Improved performance, raised the important areas. It was impossible to trade with Sarzaksys on the Fleshmarkets - fixed. The residents of Drezen go now when a battle begins. Fixed camera movement in the field The Ivory Labyrinth. The lighting in the Ivory Labyrinth area has been improved. It is now possible to return to the destroyed temple in prologue after jumping over the abyss.


    A tooltip for the progress bar of the hospital in the tactical fight was added. The defense banner could become red, even if no demons attack their forts - fixed. The initial power of the generals has been increased. Project Swords of Gorum could be received several times - fixed; If the project Swords of Gorum has been resolved at the time the patch application - it is automatically resolved. Quests who had to wait in the car cross train mode now contains information about the waiting time. Tutorials in tactical battles were corrected. Wenduag occurred during the military council in the throne room, if you did not have to do it - fixed. The damage of all trap skills of the forest runner has been moderately increased. Cards of finished projects remained on the right with an exclamation mark until you open them. After the project is completed, the card will automatically open to inform you that the project is completed, and then go away. After selecting a decision in an event, the card would be closed without displaying the result - fixed. The indication of whether an event can be started or not has not changed over time - fixed. A visual mistake with a boulders in a tactical fight has been fixed. Tooltips for the damage caused by the capabilities of generals and troops were added.

    Courses & Mechanics

    Sometimes arcers changed the destination chosen by the player and began to attack someone else - fixed. Numerous swarms could crawl over the same character - fixed. The parameters of rat swarms and grassherries have been optimized. Animal Companion was available in the group manager window - fixed. The death of the main character sometimes did not count as Game Over - fixed. The illusionists of the enemy were able to spray their allies with color spray - fixed. The mountain effect does not scatter after the rest, therefore the mounted was delayed. Resolution: Now scattered. The attacks of some animal companions were missing - fixed. If you converted a kitsune and chose a different breed, you could still have a kitsune bite - fixed. Vital Strike now works with ranged weapons. Pendant of Godclaw could not select positive or negative channel capability - fixed. The corruption resistance of Mythics Legend did not work - fixed. The claws of the Velociraptor-Animal Certified 1W3 damage instead of 1W6 - fixed. Mythical classes lost the ability to use mythical summons after reaching mythical rank 3 - fixed.

    Round-based mode

    When skipping a curve, tooltips could remain hanging - fixed.


    Robe of Transmutation could only be equipped in the armor slot, not in the shirt slot. Solution: Fixed when it was equipped - do not forget to retrofit it, because it is no longer equipped after the patch and put into the inventory. The seal of the house Vespertilio has disappeared after 1 use. Solution: It does not disappear anymore. If it is not in your inventory after you have built a bridge on the Kenabres court, it appears again in your inventory. The aura of answer of the undead worked on neutral units - fixed. Estoc of Purity had no cold iron quality - fixed. The Effects of Light Arm Bust of Oracle's misery had no descriptions - fixed. The hat of the encouraging song had no symbol - fixed. Coat of the night did not work as intended - fixed.

    user interfaces

    Fixed that the UI story updates of some spoiler companions did not work. Automatic spells were disabled after loading a game - fixed. Option to move the camera with the middle mouse button on the global card and added to the local card (while holding down Alt key). Some Mythic Paths had empty conditions - fixed. The presentation of trident has been improved. After deleting all stored games, the Next button could be pressed in the main menu - fixed. Before looted bodies where there was still some prey, they stored their status Boot has been tested - fixed. The combat protocol will not return to its original size after reloading. During character creation, it was not possible to adapt the human form of kitsune-fixed. The language settings were reset after the backing and subsequent return to language selection - fixed. During character environmental training, it was impossible to select the same portrait that it previously used - fixed. The supplier inventory did not work properly in some cases - fixed. Some weapon enchanting effects remain fixed in the inventory window after the character has been changed. The description of Mythic Angel was missing in the user interface - fixed. In the character manufacturer, it was possible to change the breed of a privileged character - fixed. The intentional lines did not work properly in battles - fixed. Spells flashed when switching to possible magic in the magic book - fixed. The names of adjustment tabs were displayed incorrectly after saving the changes. The combat log was not deleted after a game has been loaded with another protagonist - fixed.


    Fixed: sparks, memories that are frozen in time, achievements of the nemesis of the prelate. Only GOG: Updated Galaxy SDK, to fix crash problems related to Galaxy. The problem with the animation of the carrying carrier in the first intermediate sequence has been fixed. On the way of mythical demon: The appearance of Tarshary has been corrected. Some slides could not appear in the epilogue - fixed. Another rare case of crashes in the main menu has been fixed. Companions could sometimes not occupy their position when camping - fixed. Some blends had a false breed - fixed. The problem that led to crash with the Intel GPU has been fixed (you will get better performance when you run the game in a resolution of 1366 x 768). Sometimes buffs and status effects could remain on the main character after reloading - fixed. False XP numbers fixed for checks with very high SG. Automatic storage was added immediately after arrival in the COLYPHYM mines. The appearance of the weapon of Hepzamirah during the fight was corrected.

    Many graphic improvements were made on the game. Visual, lighting and camera movements have been corrected and improved so players now have a more fluid experience when traveling in all these areas. In addition to the corrections to the quest, several UI changes have been implemented so that the players can expect another look when they go back to the game.

    Pathfinder: Wrath of ...

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