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  • Deathloop is a 2021 first-person action-adventure game established by Arkane Studios and released by Bethesda Softworks. It was launched on September 14, 2021 for Microsoft Windows and also as a timed console unique for the PlayStation 5.

    One of the most interesting elements of Deathloop is the multiplayer in the form of invasion, in the style of Dark Souls, for example. As the game start screen shows, you can choose between breaking the loop or protecting it. We are going to review these options and how to access this game mode.

    How can I unlock the Deathloop multiplayer?

    To avoid spoilers, the multiplayer is not accessible immediately. You have to start with the Colt adventure and play until you unlock the residue. You will have to complete the first loops of history that act as a tutorial. This can be done very quickly following the orange score and without losing time looking in every corner of the map. You can always do this later, in another loop.

    Next, go to the complex in the afternoon. Go to the Weijie laboratory, eliminate it and follow the waste extraction procedure. From the next loop, you can start the multiplayer mode with Julianna from the game menu.

    Multiplayer settings

    An important detail is that by pressing the small gear to the left of your portrait at the top left of the screen, on the menus, you can change the multiplayer mode you prefer.

    Mode for a player : Activated by default at the beginning of the game, only the AI ​​can control Julianna when she invades you. This makes it much more predictable and, therefore, easy to kill. But she seems to be able to detect your location, so be careful. Online mode : The AI ​​can continue playing with Julianna, but also any player. You can configure your equipment and the powers of it before coming to hunt. Wait a potentially hard combat. Friends only mode: In addition to the IA, only players from your friends list can invade you, which can be so good as bad depending on who you play. If a friend controls Julianna, he can use it to facilitate life, since she can even kill visionaries for you.

    Invasive conditions

    Julianna can invade you several times a day, but there are some limitations. To begin with, she can only invade you if there is an active visionary on the map. You will stay alone when you explore an empty map to find the secrets of it.

    When you play like Colt and Julianna attack, you have two options:

    Hack the radio antenna and flee : This can be a good option if you have serious doubts about your chances of survival, for example if you do not have lives. Sometimes, saving a weapon or quality amulets with residue is more important than anything else. Face A Julianna : Defeating your nemesis is very profitable, drop a power, residue, amulets and beautiful weapons. Keep in mind that if you kill Julianna for a period, you will not be able to re-invade you until the next. This means that if you want to invade a friend and he has defeated you, you will not be able to invade him at the moment.

    Defending against Julianna

    There are innumerable strategies to face Julianna, which will vary much depending on your team, your level of play and the map in which the combat develops. So we're not going to review them all, but here are some important points:

    The radio antenna is where Julianna will be waiting for you , especially if she is a player. The reason is that you are forced to go through it if you want to escape from it. It is also possible that she goes for a walk, which will give you the opportunity to dodge her and escape her. Wait an ambush in any way. Eliminates nearby eternalists, or flee to an area that you have already cleared. You do not want to fight against them with Julianna, or be cheated by a disguise. The turrets are your friends, especially against the AI. Hacking and positioning well a few turrets, you can build a fortress that has a good opportunity to do the work. All powers have their utility, but the power of chaos is probably the simplest and most effective in a direct fight with Julianna. It will improve her damage as well as her survival. If you are not very good at the FPS, use a large automatic shotgun like 50-50 and face Julianna at close range is a good tactic. Amulets that increase maximum life, as well as those that reduce damage, are excellent investments in both PVE and PVP.

    Kill Colt

    You start with a fairly limited selection of weapons and powers, but you will win points as you invaded. Kill Colt, win in several ways and perform certain special actions will make you earn points, and therefore levels. This will give you access to better equipment parts, as well as a greater selection of equipment. The aforementioned tips are usually applied to Julianna, such as the shotgun, the defense charms and the power of chaos. It is simply and effective bonuses that will give you an advantage in a frontal combat. If your opponent uses the same, you will be on equal terms. But remember that, unlike Julianna, Colt has 3 lives, he can often afford to sacrifice one or two to kill you. Embed Colt near the radio antenna is predictable, but it has the merit of being a reliable method to force a confrontation. Use Julianna's masquerade power to change your appearance, and give yours to the ordinary eternal. There is a good chance that Colt will be discovered to kill them. However, it is better to choose a mobile eternalist, or at least one standing. Those who do not move or move with something are a little easier to distinguish. The Eternalists are your allies, try to fight in an area where they are numerous. If Colt does not seem to want to run, intercepting it near the seer can be a good plan. If you hide and control the situation, you can have the opportunity to send the final blow to Colt without having to face it openly.

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