• A new rumor on the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro has been reported by Bloomberg knowledgeable, which mentions sources from the development scene.

    According to the news site, Nintendo has begun to ask developers to work on 4K compatible games for the Nintendo Switch platform.

    The demand would have been made not only to internal but also external developers, which should mean that we would be rather close to a real revelation of the console.

    Several external game developers, speaking anonymously because the problem is private, said Nintendo had asked them to prepare their games for the 4K, suggesting that a resolution upgrade was in progress, says The report.

    Interestingly, an upgrade of the resolution was also mentioned in a previous Bloomberg report, but was almost a secondary note, compared to other upgrades made possible by the new material.

    These new details would show that the resolution would be a major selling point for the last switch model, perhaps in order to try to compete with the incoming PS5 and Xbox Series X, which will come out in 2020.

    In the meantime, Nintendo would also have asked its assembly partners to further increase the production of its Switch game console, the company identified its production target at 30 million units for the current year. .

    It is 5 million units more than the initial target of $ 25 million at the beginning of August, which has been insufficient and assemblers now operate 120% factories.

    The last model of Nintendo Switch, provisionally called Pro, will be released at the beginning of 2021, a few months from the new generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

    A material revision has just been submitted to the US FCC, and this could be a preliminary work before the new model is revealed.

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