How to Access Old Cash App Account

  • Cash App is one of the safest and secure money transfer apps, which lets you make the transfer or receive money most easily. It has a wide range of customers who are using Cash App. Cash App enables you to send or receive the money within the fixed limit as prescribed by the Cash App. Sometimes, the Cash App account gets closed due to various issues like Cash App policy violation, fraudulent activity and server issues, etc. What will you do, if your Cash App account closed due to some reasons and you do not have access to your e-mail or phone number?

    Relax and know how to access old cash app account without email or phone number, you need not worry as Cash App stores all your data in its database. You can approach Cash App Support to get help in this regard: Go through the steps mentioned below:

    First of all, download the Cash App on your mobile phone.
    Now, set up a new Cash App account.
    Enter your full name, date of birth, and social security number to authenticate yourself on Cash App.
    Fill in debit card details to link bank account with Cash App. You must link the same account which you used in your old Cash App account.
    Now, visit the Cash App profile on Cash App.
    Tap on 'Support' and click on 'Can't Access Account'.
    Send an e-mail request to the Support Team.
    The Cash App team will assess your request and will send you an email to authenticate your account details.
    After analyzing the details furnished by you, if the Cash App team found it satisfactory then your old Cash App account and new Cash App account will be merged.
    Once, the merger is completed, you will get access to the closed Cash App account.

    Final Remarks

    The Cash App allows its users to recover closed Cash App account if it is closed due to any reason. You can access your old Cash App account without e-mail or phone number. You need to set up a different Cash App account and link the same bank account which you linked with the old Cash App account. The Cash App will verify your identity on Cash App and accordingly, will merge both your new account and old account. After the merger, you can access your old Cash App account.

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